October 28, 2010

in full glory

here is the cutest couple who eloped at san francisco city hall last week. i am waiting on more photos of the bouquet...but it was pretty much my new favorite. i always hesitate to pick favorites but this thing was off the chain. and they shot a really sweet video that we make a brief appearance in at the shop! look for us around the minute mark. more pics to come!


Unknown said...

Love love love this bouquet! And so thankful you made it for April! April works with me and has THE best floral taste around...so I knew she wouldn't be satisfied with just any ol' bouquet. You ladies did a fabulous job! You are inspiring!

Janet said...

That bouquet is stunning. I can't wait to see more photos of it!

silvergirl said...

oh...dear. this was the sweetest frikkin' video. how lovely it all is! And that bouquet is seriously a stunner, to echo Janet's sentiment. Wowza! What a great story to have been involved it :)