May 31, 2009


check out the shop for a big sale on prints and a few other things! i'll also be adding some display items and fun bits that i uncovered in the move to the studio in the next week. tell your friends!

choo and choo and lil' boy

i don't know if we ever said where the name studio choo came from- it's our nickname for each other. when we call on the phone we say, hi choo, it's choo.

May 24, 2009


yesterday was the first day i printed in the studio! i made the first pull on the "show poster" print. the darker version will be the actual print and the lighter version is a test. it will take some getting used to printing in a new area, i am so used to my kitchen/bathtub setup! but it was really great to spread out and make a mess without having to rush and clean up the counter to get dinner ready. the tricky part is not having a sink in the studio. make it work!

May 22, 2009

pigeon toe friday

we received our custom order of tripod bowls from pigeon toe ceramics! they will be available to purchase in the shop soon and we can't wait to make some sample arrangements in them next week. each piece is handmade and unique- we had ours made of matte porcelain with a beautiful gray glaze inside.

May 20, 2009

renegade sf

i forgot to mention we were accepted at the renegade fair sf this july! we will have a booth with burgundy & brown, and we are planning on doing some fun themed products and displays. (things like a basket full of tiny jeans perhaps? more info. to come!)

May 18, 2009

white with colors

matt and i get to babysit lil' boy while his mommy is away tonight. the bed is going to be full!

colors with white