July 30, 2009

back from yosemite

where the wild things are

we were so excited to be featured on daily candy this week- welcome to all our new visitors, and thanks for all your kind emails and phone calls! and we have a fun announcement we'll let you in on next week too!

mix with yellow

July 24, 2009

hello vacation

matt and i are headed off to yosemite tomorrow morning for a week, wee! small stump will be closed until monday 8/3, but studio choo is open for business. there will be a big shop update when i get back- including the bottles and jars print, prize ribbons, moonshine bottles...and birch!

July 22, 2009

renegade wrap up

well, we are finally recovering from the fair! we had so much fun preparing with burgundy & brown- over the past few months she came over to the studio at least once a week to work on group projects and booth preparation. some highlights from the weekend were...meeting lucy from berkeley illustration, trading for spoons with kg & ab (they were out of nuts- nuts), gorgeous prints and cards from sycamore street press, tiny wishbone and key necklaces by handmade whimsy, and chatting with the sweetie pie press. and it was so lovely to see ciuccio and the heated, miss natalie, rock scissor paper, and papaver vert!


we just sent this tuck pot from pigeon toe ceramics off to rare device with a planting of petite succulents. the plants are really low and clustered to highlight the beautiful shape of the bowl and to reveal a peek of the gray blue glaze inside.

July 18, 2009

bits from the fair!

there is one more day at the renegade fair tomorrow! please come by fort mason center and say hi to a farmer, pig, and hot dog at our booth...oh and lil' boy will be there too!

July 17, 2009

see you at the fair!

we're all packed up...with just a few last minute bits to do tonight! we hope to see you tomorrow or sunday at fort mason center. please do stop by and introduce yourself!

July 16, 2009

more peeks

moonshine bottles, our banner, and saddle bags.

July 14, 2009

still working!

the fair is fast approaching! here's a few more peeks at our booth...succulent wreaths, "hello magritte" prints, and prize ribbons.

succulent army