April 27, 2008

la honda

lia and i visited her dad's weekend cabin in la honda this afternoon. we were in search of cool old pieces of wood (he has quite a collection) for a new installation at rose and radish- we hit the jackpot. i think i fell in love with the cabin. it was so warm and old and quiet. i am sure i will dream about it tonight. lots more photos here.

place your mother's day orders now!

i am so excited for this project i worked on with lauren from branch floral design. we made this collection of mother's day goodies and are taking orders for them through may 7th. we'll be personally delivering them to moms all over san francisco on saturday may 10th! it was really fun to set up a little display with the collection- since i'm so used to having to pack everything up tight for mailing. if you know anyone who might be interested in ordering this package please spread the word! view all the details right here.

April 25, 2008

sneak peek

here's a peek at a mother's day project i am working on with lauren from branch floral design. we are going to be offering a mother's day flower and gift package available for san francisco delivery (we'll be hand delivering them on the day before!) i silkscreened these little pansy puffs and mama with baby rabbit gift tags to include in the package. we'll be shooting the whole package together today so i'll have more photos and details later! spread the word if you know anyone in sf who might be interested in ordering!

April 21, 2008


i lined up these stones on a big log at the beach today. i wonder if anyone looked at them after i was gone.


this stack of yellow duck cloth squares will be used for a silkscreen project- mother's day pansy puffs! peeks coming soon.


sometimes i am just amazed at how nice people are. i love these photos so much- thank you jen. they will have a good home with their other friends on stumps in my collection!

April 18, 2008

accidents happen

i was so very sad when the first radish i bought from sian keegan fell into the wrong hands (mouths), so this replacement will sit high on the shelf- far from doggy eyes. it looks quite lovely with the sweet peas my lunch date brought me this morning.

ladies who lunch

i took a break from packing birch this afternoon to have lunch with one of my bestest friends. apparently this is the week of lots of food! we went to sams in half moon bay where her boyfriend is the chef. we even got an extra special appetizer- so good, and it matched her sweater.

April 17, 2008

thanks posy press!

i participated in a shoe photo swap put together by a fantastic web friend and was so excited to get my package yesterday. amy from posy press was my partner and she sent along two fun shoe photos and some beautiful little extras! she has some very sweet things in her shop- i love her vintage trim packs and wallpaper goodies. i was a bit late in mailing out my photo but i hope my partner likes it. thanks girls- it was fun!

April 14, 2008

this morning

there were lots of ladybugs on the beach this morning. i haven't seen that before- maybe it had something to do with the unusually warm weather this weekend?


i like these together.


last week, when i thought i was going to have to move out of my house (things are better now), i packed up and sifted through all my stuff. moving (especially cross country) really makes you think about how much "stuff" you have and what is important enough to take with you. i have always been somewhat of a packrat- especially with crafting supplies/art materials- so it is almost like an exercise i have to force myself to do....to say goodbye to things that haven't seen the light of day in years or aren't useful to me anymore. i already donated a bunch of "stuff" to goodwill, and i am also listing a few things on ebay: mushroom light and driftwood votives.

April 13, 2008

more sunshine

this was such a beautiful sunny weekend. i spent some time working in the yard, at the beach, and packing up a ton of birch! i am slowly filling the orders on the waiting list so thanks for being so patient if you are on it! i am not adding any more names to the list- i plan on putting some in my shop in the next few weeks.

April 11, 2008

sunny day

the weather was amazing here today. hope your weekend is just as sunny.

April 10, 2008


this has been a very rough week. but things are getting better.

April 3, 2008