November 29, 2009

the greenhouse

here's where matt and i are getting married in april. i stopped by to take some measurements today. it's getting real now.

November 19, 2009

we like it wild- at the supermarket

we'll be taking a break on posting next week- so we had a little early thanksgiving on design*sponge today. get the instructions here!

beach bums

November 18, 2009

let a tall tree be

a new banner made from the leftover letters in the celebrate banner.


we found this guy a few weeks ago and just added him to the shop. we liked that he was attached to some cool driftwood looking sticks.

November 17, 2009

nut garland

here's one of the projects we made for the sf chronicle article last week- a garland of nuts. we drilled small holes through mixed nuts, spray-painted matte white, strung with fishing line, and finished with some fancy gold!



November 15, 2009

holiday the chronicle!

we worked with anh-minh on her holiday entertaining article in the home and garden section of the san francisco chronicle today! jill is putting together a log slice forest centerpiece in this shot. photos by stephen lam.

November 14, 2009

some pieces of this afternoon's wedding- bridal bouquet with hybrid callas and cymbidiums; flower girl's basket; bridesmaid's bouquets with hydrangea, veronica, and scabiosa; and some stephanotis for hair-do's!

party time

we did a few arrangements today for this amazing illustrator in her equally amazing home. we're thinking of asking her if we can move in. and if you haven't seen her calligraphy- you should!

some things

November 12, 2009

we like it wild- birch basket

here's the new post for this week- remember...don't peel live trees! use birch harvested responsibly or from fallen branches! we have a request in with our supplier for some images of how the birch is harvested- will update soon!