December 30, 2009

headed east

i'll be away for a week visiting my family in rhode island. send me an email if you want to hang out! see you back here on the 7th. alethea is holding down the fort at studio choo- call her if you need anything, 415-624-5981. happy new year!

get some!

we have gotten so many inquiries about our clogs we decided to order some to sell in the new shop! they are made to order in sweden and we have a small order placed that we expect in mid-february. we just added them into the shop so you can reserve a pair if you'd like. they are super comfortable and we wear them all day (and we are on our feet pretty much all day!). we have never gotten so many compliments on our shoes before- its kind of fun. the colors are bright and beautiful and the wooden soles are so sweet.

blue gray white, red and gold (two separate weddings of course)

the place

lil' boy already made himself at home in the window and attracted a few new friends. we were only at the shop for a little while today for lunch and to hang a few coming soon banners- and we met so many nice folks who dropped in to see what we were up to! this is gonna be real real good- we can feel it.

December 29, 2009

remember that exciting news we spoke of?

well- in case you hadn't guessed from the last post...we're opening a STORE! its been our dream for a long long time to have a little shop to call our own, and we picked up the keys today. we'll still be using our south san francisco studio for storage and larger events, but you'll be able to drop by and visit us all the time now in our wee store front!! we are sharing the space with two lovely ladies to form a collective- more info. on them coming soon. we'll be at 262 divisadero street between haight and page, and we hope to open asap! we'll keep you updated of course. we looked for a new old sink today. and here's our cool neighbor. we're reeeeeally excited.

December 26, 2009

xmas dinner

hope you all had a great holiday! see you monday.

December 24, 2009

holiday hair

we made a few fun hair pieces for we like it wild on design*sponge this week!

December 17, 2009

December 16, 2009

oh boy oh boy oh boy

we may have some very very very exciting news to share with you soon. squeal.

snow dog

she wasn't eating it- she just likes to tear it apart.

family portrait

we got our photos taken a few weeks ago to practice for the wedding. matt and i are both pretty terrible in photos- but this was our favorite. no one is blinking. our photographer was very patient with us. thanks rikki.

last minute holiday decoration

these have been on the to-make list for a while...finally got around to adding them to the shop.

bubble garden

a new terrarium we just planted up- for sale now at gravel and gold. we'll also be bringing more paperwhites by for the weekend- go visit!


a special order of paperwhite bulbs for the holidays.

a few things