September 30, 2007

nuggets in progress

after the feature on design*sponge last friday, i've been a bit overwhelmed with requests. a new batch is on the way- these need to have their felt bottom put on and then stuffed with beans. i think i am going to have to raise the price a bit because of the amount of time these guys take to make. it really becomes more noticeable when making a large group!

September 27, 2007

beautiful berries

i couldn't pass up these lovely (and tasty) yellow raspberries today at the market.

nugget love

we got some love this morning from design*sponge, one of our most favorite online design reads. we're also excited to see the new and improved format that grace will launch on monday. p.s. there are some more nuggets available in the etsy shop now.

fog fest

pacifica has its annual "fog fest" this weekend. the weather is just right for it this morning at our tiny brick bungalow in the fog.

September 25, 2007

our name in print

i was surprised today by alecia from radiant magazine with this little feature of the birch tubes. it is so nice to see our name in print, thanks alecia! a new shipment of birch is on the way and the mini sets are available in the etsy shop now.

we're on domino!

i'm so excited that holly from decor8 included us in her new domino magazine gallery called nature art from etsy. please go check it out, it includes a bunch of wonderful artists. thanks holly!

September 22, 2007

for choo

soft birds for a friend made from a vintage tea towel.

tap tap tap

i was so happy to wake up to the tip tap sound of the rain on the roof this morning. it seems like it hasn't rained here forever. my beloved umbrella will finally see daylight again!

September 21, 2007

little secrets

finally finished this painting called "little secrets" that will be turned into a print next. i painted it on an oval wood plaque with a small hole in the top for easy hanging. it will be available in the etsy shop soon.

log slice tags

lots of new stuff in the works! here's a set of gocco-d tags with a collaged leaf made from painted papers and a little sewn twig detail. theres black, brown, green, and a nice metallic gold.

September 20, 2007

they're back

vintage german cotton mushroom sets in the shop again.

worked work working

i am busy busy busy restocking the shop for the poppytalk handmade market! it is a virtual market showcasing some wonderful artists and will run for the month of october. jan has great taste and she has hand picked all the designers- so it should be an amazing selection of goodies all laid out in one place!

September 17, 2007

keep out please

the two devil dogs were outside alone for all of 20 minutes this weekend and they thought it would be fun to work in the garden. we have gopher issues so i suspect they were searching for him, but in the meantime uprooted or buried half the plants. this tiny temporary twine fence has been installed- maybe it will deter them for a few minutes... i wish i had taken a photo of their paws caked with mud but i was too upset to think about it!

lucky 500

this little assortment will ship out today to our lucky 500th etsy customer in new jersey. it includes a forever cupcake, vintage cotton mushroom assortment, mini birch tube, and a test print from the wooden stones series. thanks and hope you like it karen!

September 13, 2007

mossy pebbles

all in a row

this funny little plastic display box will be added to the etsy shop shortly. it has an assortment of vintage german cotton mushrooms all neatly lined up, ready to pluck for a present or craft project! the box is lined with vintage tree wallpaper and topped with a little white snail.

tiny cloche displays

these tiny glass cloches and ridiculously tiny animals will be assembled into little displays. the glass is about 3 inches tall and the wee deer and horses less than 3/4 inch long.

September 9, 2007

finding and planting

south san francisco had a city-wide garage sale this weekend- i picked up this lovely rusty bowl and planted it with succulents. i also found a baby deer who lives in the garden now.


September 2, 2007


these new nuggets will go into the etsy shop tomorrow. they're gocco printed on a variety of fabrics, then attached to a heavier canvas liner and sewn together. for a nice solid feel they are stuffed with beans. it is so satisfying to just rest one in the palm of your hand.