March 7, 2008

x and o

i found these two lovely stones on the beach this morning.


melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

... i would just like to point out that we have the same exact scar on our left hands by our thumbs. that is really strange!

also, of course i don't know you outside of the etsy world, but from reading your blog, a reader gets a good feel of your personality. i was listening to my itunes the other day and modest mouse - the world at large came on and for some reason it reminded me of you and your blog. i hope that didn't sound creepy :p.

but anyway, have fun reading your blog, and your puppies are too cute :).

- melissa

small stump said...

i love that song- i think its amazing that a song can make you think of someone you have never even met and not creepy at all :)

thanks for reading!

Miss Natalie said...

I think this photo is dying to be turned into a fabulous print of yours. It's really sweet.

small stump said...

good idea! maybe coming soon!