July 28, 2007

hello bernie

this is our newly adopted corgi cattledog! we re-named him little bernie. he has the funniest short legs. it has been a tiring few days trying to get our spoiled baby pee wee used to another dog, but things are coming along...

July 20, 2007

more me time

i will be going down to part-time at the amazing rose and radish starting august 1 to devote more energy to small stump! i am nervous about money, but excited to have more time for my art. here is some new work in progress.

the best everyday mug

this is my new favorite cup to drink from. one side is a diner mug and the other side is a fancy tea cup! available here.

dog fun

there is usually a happy thirsty bunch of pups gathered around the water fountain at fort funston. look who's right in the center! in the bottom photo pee wee is laying a smooch on her boyfriend henry.

July 16, 2007

a few more paperweights

i'll put six "stand tall little stump" paperweights into the etsy shop later today. they'll be listed individually so you can choose which one you like best! i make these by:
1. hand-silkscreening a design i drew for the fabric on the sides and top
2. attaching a little felt twig
3. sew together and stuff with dried beans
4. add a little embroidered felt leaf

July 14, 2007

wooden stones

here's a peek at a new print that should be in the etsy shop soon!

fort foggy fun times

one of my new favorite places in san francisco is fort funston. it is the biggest and most amazing dog park i have ever seen. i love seeing all the dogs off leash and being goofy together. we try to bring pee wee as often as possible because she can run her heart out chasing other dogs and playing fetch on the beach. (and then takes a long nap!)

July 13, 2007

celebrate print!

i hand-silkscreen these prints to make into banners- but i also like the way they look as is. i'll put a few of the extras in the etsy shop this weekend. they also come in pink and orange.

blueberry love

yes i think they are my favorite fruit.

a tired little body

after a morning of sunshine and splashing in the ocean, an afternoon nap is in order.

July 9, 2007

birthday goodies

i got all these amazing things for my birthday. well- the bear monster print by matte stephens was a gift to myself!

July 4, 2007

russian river

we rented a house right next to the river in the tiny little town of guernville. this is the house next door to ours- it was so peculiar. the house was really tall with the bottom 2/3 an empty shell. we assumed it was built that way as a precaution against flooding, but the height gave him a lot of character.

home again

we had a great relaxing little trip up north complete with hot tub and wine tastings! it was nice to be away from work and the computer for a few days. pee wee learned how to swim too!