March 15, 2008

in a hole

i have been feeling very distracted the past few weeks for a variety of reasons. i have made some decisions to try and get myself back on track so hopefully there will be a lot more work to show here in the coming month! in the meantime i have upgraded my flickr account and i'm adding lots of old and new images. it feels good to look back and see what i've done over the past two years with my little company- and think about where i go from here!


Sarah said...

Just a note to say your blog is one of my favorites! Such beautiful, simple little pleasures you share. Looking forward to seeing what you have coming this spring!

jen b said...

I can't wait to see where this decision takes you. I love all the things you make/create and look forward to the opportunity to add even more "small stump" goodies to my collection.

small stump said...

thanks so much- it feels really good to know you're out there!