January 28, 2010

we like it wild- knitted by choo

our new post today on design*sponge was very fun to make. we traveled across the golden gate bridge to visit alethea's mum and auntie (who are both australian) for an afternoon of knitting, tea, and bickies.


Janet said...

It's like a tea cosy for flowers! The idea just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Melissa said...

I love this post and the one over at design*sponge. Next month I'm taking a refresher knitting course; it's been too many years since I last knitted and I can't remember much. Thanks for the inspiration of other projects to knit. I only know so many people who need a scarf! :)

Fleur said...

How wonderful and sweet! I just love pairing friends, flowers, tea and craft. Thank you!