April 22, 2009

busy bees

we have been super busy the past few days- flowers, packing birch orders, setting up the studio, and this super fun project for the sf decorator showcase. we worked with nicole hollis design to make these specimen-like arrangements for a room with a "cabinet of curiosity" theme. nicole supplied us with three large glass vessels and we went wild! the house is open to the public and is pretty breathtaking, especially the roof garden. (tickets cost $30 and the proceeds benefit sf university high school)
**also-we didn't get a photo to do it justice, but one of our favorite gals in the whole world created a spectacular (and massive) floral sculpture in the room, suspended from the ceiling and hanging down into the stairwell. amazing yedda.


lia said...

wowie! you guys don't waste any time, do you? your specimens look marvelous!

Karin said...