July 14, 2008

east again

i'm headed to rhode island tomorrow for a week for my 10 year high school reunion and my older brother's 30th birthday! i'll leave you with this photo of so happy pee wee.


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Awww...doggie smiles!

alice said...

Ooh a reunion! I hope that it is a fun one.


Jeannine said...

Super cute picture of a super cute dog!

lia said...

hey - your house is on apartment therapy!

Monika Dubska said...

awwww great shot :)

hope to hear from you,
take care,
Monika ♥

Sandy said...

Oh dear! It's so hot here in New England right now! I hope you have found a cool spot for your visiting! PeeWee is the cutest thing ever! And you take the best photos!

"Infing" said...

Ohhh wow, i find your blog today and i LOVE all your photos, the dog is so lovely!!

See you!