July 27, 2008


while i was in newport i helped my aunt do flowers at her client's summer home. i was drooling over the color and pattern everywhere. the house is right on the ocean and had the most beautiful feeling, old and warm with a quiet stillness.


Jenny RInzler said...

Welcome home. I always loved that aspect of doing flowers-getting to see inside houses and building you might never see otherwise.

Emeline said...

I've been lurking for some time now, but I have to 'ooooh' and 'aaaah' over that appliqué equestrian scene... WOW!
I really enjoy your blog and the rose/radish site.... wish there was one here!

Sandy said...

Yes, it has been sticky, sticky here out east. Now we're being beaten up by wild thunder storms with hail and everything almost every day. Today's a brief respite, it's breezy and 68, as the storms have passed for the time being and left us with blue sky.

Thanks for the inside photos from Newport. How was the reunion?

small stump said...

The reunion was great- except the power went out for a while and we couldn't boogie!