May 5, 2008

back to work!

i made a big decision to go back to rose and radish as full time manager! i struggled for a while trying to decide, but i am super excited about it. posting is probably going to get a bit thinner here-but i am not going to shut down. i hope you'll continue reading, and also check in at the other place i post! this is my quick breakfast before i head to work in the morning!


jen b said...

well it sounds as if you are happy with your decision so that is good. we will miss you around these parts BUT a friend and i are planning a trip to the bay area in august so hopefully we can stop by.

small stump said...

oh yes- please do come by for a visit! and i won't be gone completely from here, don't worry!

Miss Natalie said...

Cate and the R&R crew are lucky to have you back full time! I'll need to swing by and see what's new at the store soon. The Mother's day arrangements were beautiful! Wish my mom was in the bay area for that sweet gift.