January 10, 2008

new hampshire

i'm back! i had an amazing holiday break- i visited my family in rhode island and took a little road trip to new hampshire with two of my bestest childhood friends. i missed my dogs (and matt!) so much and it feels good to be back home and get started on a new year! these photos are from a farm in new hampshire where we took a horse drawn sleigh ride through the snow.


Sarah said...

We've only had a dusting of snow here and there so far this year. However, we did get a little snow on Christmas so I shouldn't complain but to see your picture of the land covered in snow really makes me want snow here in Portland. A horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow even better!

small stump said...

it was lovely. i grew up in new england- i really miss waking up to freshly fallen snow. (we don't get any here in pacifica!)