January 23, 2008

lets get organized

i'm in the process of re-doing my work room to maximize productivity in the new year! our house is very tiny, so the work "room" is also matt's computer area (as well as pathway to the bedroom and bathroom and backyard). it is totally open to the rest of the house so it is important to me that it is functional and tidy. i just found this little seedling tray at ikea and thought it would be perfect for sorting all the little odds and ends i had tucked away in boxes and bags.


jen b said...

organization at it's finest! is it weird that pictures like this make me happy? :)

small stump said...

no! it makes me really happy!

Hoola Tallulah said...

ooooh all those little mushrooms are so cute, I want some!
Great idea with the seed tray!