April 3, 2011

bernie x 2

we had a very exciting meeting today- we found bernie's long lost sister shiraz!!! (they are wine twins...bernie's original name was cabernet- but he seemed more like a bernie to us.) we weren't sure if they would remember each other, it has been four years since they have been together. they didn't really show any signs of recognition but they got along fine- and they looked so cute together. shiraz is smaller than bernie and was a real herder (she's fast too). i don't know how anyone could have given these two away but we are sure glad they did! we hope to meet up again soon.


Katie King said...

how touching that they got to hang out together!

Birthday Party Ideas said...

Wow! What a reunion!

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Bianchii said...

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megan said...

they are so freaking cute together. My bestie emily also has this type of dog - she got her from the pound and she had a sister that emily dreams of finding one day.

Katie said...

so cute! what type of dog is bernie?

Miss Natalie said...

So lovely! They are adorable together. We once found Hawkeye's older twin at a small dog park in Alameda and took pics very similar to these.

I hope your trip went well and helped refresh things! Accidents can put us all out of sorts. Here's to a great April for everyone. xo from Austin.

Maria said...

Are they really part (Australian) blue heeler and/or kelpie?
Some of the best sorts of dogs, those are.

Sarah said...

overload! system overload!!

Anonymous said...

hey where are their legs! Our Blue Heelers usually have much longer legs! Cute any way.