December 8, 2010

art walk and olive oil

come and hang out with us and the gals from star apple edible gardens on thursday night from 6-9 pm! the divisadero art walk is going on and the ladies will be doing demonstrations on how to make your own herb-infused olive oil. get some shopping done, have some wine, and learn how to make a delicious gift! we really hope to see you!


StephieB said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you will share some photos with us. Love the mushroom displays, Stephie x

Sarah said...

is that red cap mushroom real?? I saw some like that in nature once (iceland) and they were surreal

studio choo said...

it is real! we have a supplier at the market who goes foraging for them in the woods here. they get yucky after a few days- but so amazing while they last. and poisonous!