August 6, 2010

those classes we mentioned

well we have already gotten a few emails about the classes they are so far in boring text. images and more details when i return from vacation. e-mail to sign up!

Here in the Bay Area we are really lucky to have lots of fantastic farmer's markets year round- so we are have designed our classes around shopping seasonally and locally. We want students to leave our class and be able to go to the farmer's market themselves, select seasonal goodies, and create arrangements that are more unique (and fun to make) than just plopping them in a vase when they get home. We will teach the basics of flower selection (color, texture, size, quantity), cleaning and conditioning, and design.

We have a few dates lined up:
Thursday, 9/2/10- 6-8:30 pm: Dahlias
Thursday, 10/14/10- 6-8:30 pm: Hand-tied Bouquets

All materials to create each project are included (Flowers, vessels, and floral snips) as well as seasonal market snacks and drinks. Each class costs $150.

Classes are very small (6 students per session) and will be held in our shop.

Prairie Collective
262 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


this humble abode said...

Sounds fun!

Leigha said...

I cannot even tell you how much I wish I was in the Bay area. I would be one of the six - for sure!