October 20, 2008

tags for flora grubb

i make these round gift tags from my test prints. this batch is going over to flora grubb for the holidays.


lauren said...

hey there,
i had a technical question for you if you've got a minute. i've had little luck making clean and nice looking grommets and was just wondering what tool you're using. i have been using the hand squeezy tool and it always seems to mush the grommets in a way that looks craggedy and ugly. maybe my technique is bad, not sure.
p.s. i came upon your blog through lia, we used to work together at the art school library. lovely stuff!

small stump said...

i use the hand squeezy tool too- i have found that you have to use a good amount of pressure and just squeeze once. if you squeeze a bunch of times i have gotten the mashed grommet too :)

lauren said...

thanks a bunch! i'll give it a try!