November 19, 2007

holiday shop update

i will be doing a shop update this friday with lots of new holiday goodies and some old favorites. there will be mini domes, stump pillows, nuggets, birch diorama ornaments, vintage barkcloth stockings, fabric scrap garlands, log boxes, and more!


Cecilie E said...

The birch bark dioramas are beautiful!
And I really like the stump pillows.
Will you be adding international shipping to your shop?

small stump said...

i can usually add international shipping to most listings- just send me a message with the items you'd like!

Stephanie said...

oh man everything looks SO good. I love your new 60/40 print btw! Amazing as always!

Lindz (Yankee Girl Designs) said...

Yay! You just made my day :) I've been checking your blog for weeks waiting for a shop update. Stump pillows on friday, whoooo-hooo! I can't wait to snag one for my mom and dad (their last name is stump) Thanks babe! Have a fabby Thanksgiving :)